SN Baile Mhic Adaim

Supervision Policy


This policy was originally formulated in 2004, redrafted in 2005, updated in 2006, 2008, 2012, June 2016 and March 2020.  It applies to all staff and children during school hours, break times, and on all school related activities.


The rules for National Schools (121(4) and 124(1)) obliges teachers to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of pupils and to participate in supervising pupils during school time and during all school related activities.

Legislation such as the Health Safety and Welfare at Work Act and recent Court judgments have placed a “duty of care” and accountability on schools that must be underpinned by a policy covering all possible eventualities.

Teachers are in “Loco parentis” and therefore are required to take such care of his/her pupils as a careful parent would. The degree of supervision will vary with the circumstances and age of the children.

Relationship to the Characteristic Ethos of the School

This policy is in keeping with the school ethos of providing a safe and secure environment for learning for all pupils and the wider school community.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a framework that effectively ensures, as far as is practicable, the safety of children while at play on the yard or while engaged in school related activities.
  • To observe and monitor behavioural patterns outside the confines of the classroom.
  • To contribute to effective school management and comply with relevant legislation.

School Procedures

  • It is the policy of the school to supervise the school yard at all times during regular lunch breaks i.e. 11.00am to 11.10am, 12.30pm to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 2.10pm.  Teachers assume a duty of care at 9.10am.  The door of the school will be opened at this time. School starts at 9.20am. The Board of Management informs parents that the school does not accept responsibility for pupils dropped off earlier than 9.10am
  • A Rota for supervision is drawn up by the Deputy Principal in consultation with staff and this Rota is displayed on the staff room notice board. A teacher supervises one break each day on a rota basis.
  • Rules of the school yard are reviewed and revised continually and communicated to children regularly.
  • If parents indicate a worry about a particular child on the yard all teachers rostered for yard duty are informed of the concern so that the particular concerns can be addressed satisfactorily.
  • Teachers can swap supervision duties with a willing colleague.  If a teacher is absent their supervision duties will be covered by another teacher.
  • Children with injuries/complaints are dealt with directly by the teacher on yard duty. 
  • First Aid boxes and Accident Report books are kept as a matter of procedure.
  • Any bullying or behaviour issues will be recorded and reported to the relevant class teachers.
  • The teacher of the middle classes will walk the children to the gate and parents will collect their children from inside the school gate at home time.
  • If children remain uncollected after 3.20pm, the school always ensures that a duty of care is provided until a parent/guardian calls.

Special Provisions

  1. On out of school activities such as games, swimming and outings provisions are put in place to ensure adequate levels of supervision. 
  2. If a teacher is called from his/her classroom to meet with a parent or other, the door of the classroom will be left open and another teacher will be asked to keep a watching brief.  However, it is school policy to request parents and sales reps to make appointments.
  3. On wet days children remain in their classes under the supervision of the teacher on duty.
  4. When visiting teachers/coaches such as P.E., Music and Art take over a class, the teachers are obliged to maintain a presence. 
  5. The school Safety Statement lists all hazards inside the school grounds and supervisors are accordingly briefed.


This policy will be reviewed every three years.


This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on 3rd March, 2020.


                   Mr. Donal O’Sullivan                                        Martin Lynch

                                Chairman BOM                                Principal

Date:       04/03/2020                               04/03/2020


  1. Insurance, Safety and Security in the school – Allianz

Appendix A:

Yard Duty and Supervision

Duty roster will be displayed in Staff Room

Nature of Yard Duty;

The prime object of yard duty is the safety of all children. Serious consideration will also be given to regard for school property. Supervision and control of the yard should be consistent from one teacher to another.

Guidelines for Supervision;

  1. Investigate all reports of bullying in whatever form
  2. Keeps a vigilant eye for rough play e.g. climbing on backs, pushing, playing fighting, and kicking footballs away or at each other, “horseplay” / dangerous play on grass etc.
  3. Play is to be confined to yard area during very wet weather. Children may not play on the grass during this time. If the ball goes into a grass area one child may retrieve it. It is important that where there is general roughness and disregard for discipline that the play be stopped.

Particular Dangers:

  1. Climbing
  2. Retrieving footballs
  3. Swinging from goalposts
  4. Running too fast, around corners and especially close to school walls.
  5. Sports equipment e.g. rackets

Strategies for Entering and Exiting the School:

Entering and exiting the school must be done in a safe and orderly manner.

  • In the mornings, children come straight into their classroom and sit down in their seats when the door is opened at 9.10am.
  • At 3.10pm, children walk in an orderly fashion to the school gate and wait for their parents to help them cross the road. Children, who travel on the bus, board the bus without crossing the road.  
  • After break times, the supervising teacher will ring the bell and the children line up in their designated lines. All talking ceases.
  • Children then walk quietly and orderly into their classrooms line by line.