Senior Infants Book List 2020-2021

Senior Infants Book List 2020-2021

Senior Infants Book List 2020-2021

MATHS:                Busy at Maths  – senior infants – CJ Fallon – €12.65

ENGLISH:             Sounds Like Phonics – Activity Book B – CJ Fallon – €8.25

Away with words – senior infants – CJ Fallon – €9.05

Spellbound –senior infants –  CJ Fallon – €7.35

Just Handwriting (cursive handwriting)– senior infants – – €3.00 (to be supplied in school – please put €3 in envelope with your name).

Readers – CJ Fallon  – Wonderland Series (will be supplied by school)

GAEILGE:             Abair Liom A (blue book) –Folens-  €11.30

SESE:                     Small World (Junior infants) – CJ Fallon – €10.75

RELIGION:           Grow in Love (senior infants) –Veritas- workbook – €9.50

STATIONERY:     Each child will need to bring their own pencil-case with their own pencil (triangular are best), rubbers and crayons (no markers on books).  These will remain in school at all times and will not be shared.

For the 2020-2021 school year, there will be a charge of €25 per pupil. This includes €9 for Pupil Personal Accident Insurance and photocopying and art supplies. Please put in envelope with your name on the front in September.

Please put €3 in envelope for handwriting book. Books will be provided in September.

Total owing in September = €28.

  • Please ensure that all books & uniforms etc are labelled
  • To note: prices quoted above are approximate. Please take  note whether book is junior or senior to avoid getting wrong book. Also check publisher ie whether CJ Fallon or Folens to avoid exchanges.
  • School returns: School opens Thursday 27th August at 9.20am (children to arrive no earlier than 9.10am daily). They finish at normal time ie. 2pm. Please collect your child promptly.