Introduction to our Amber Flag Project

Introduction to our Amber Flag Project

We are very excited to announce that here at Cadamstown National School we are embarking on a new adventure. We are taking on the challenge of obtaining an Amber Flag.

The Pieta Amber Flag Initiative recognises the individual efforts of primary and secondary schools, youth reach, third level institutions, community groups, clubs and companies to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental well-being. (Pieta) For more information on the fantastic work Pieta are involved in, visit;

In 2019, the Department of Education and Skills and the Health Service Executive jointly launched Well-Being in Primary Schools- Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion. These guidelines aim to promote mental health and well-being in primary schools.

It is recognised in these guidelines that positive mental health and well-being enables young people to lead fulfilling lives. Home and family are recognised as the primary source of nurturing and support for children. However, mental health and well-being are recognised as everyone’s concern and involves the whole school community, parents/guardians and others involved in day-to-day school life. Positive mental health for children is part of their overall health and is inextricably linked with well-being.

In order to promote positive mental health and well-being at Cadamstown N.S., we have decided to take part in the Amber Flag Initiative. This involves the whole school community coming together in order to create a safe, positive and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental health and well-being. We have some great ideas on how to do this:

 ·         Worry box

·         Positive Christmas Experience

·         A Mental Health Awareness Day

·         Create an Amber Flag notice board in the hall with positive thoughts and affirmations

·         Holistic activities undertaken through the SPHE and PE strands of the curriculum

·         The use of Positive Affirmations

·         Five minutes of mindfulness/meditation from time to time

·         Wear pink or red for Valentine’s day

In order to undertake all these activities we have formed an Amber Flag Committee. This committee is led by staff and students coordinating this new initiative.