6th Class Book List 2020-2021

6th Class Book List 2020-2021

6th Class Book List 2020-2021

Name: _______________________

Gaeilge:      (1) Béal Beo 6 (On loan from the school)

An Irish dictionary (If you don’t have one, Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary in colour is probably the best one.)

Maths:    (1) Busy at Maths 6 textbook (Fallons) (On loan from the school)

               (2) Maths Mate 6 (Edco) (On loan from the school)

               (3) Brainteasers 6 (CJ Fallon)                                                 €9.45

               (4) Tables Champion Table book (From the school, pay €3 in September)

English:     (1) Racing Ahead 6th Class (On loan from the school)

(2) Literacy Leap 6th class (Fallons) (on loan from the school)

(3) Spell Well 6 (Fallons)                                                               €8.45

(4) Just Handwriting 6th class (From the school, pay €3 in September)     

(5) Additional Reader, Reading Zone (on loan from the school)                

An English dictionary. (Any one will do but if buying, the Collins Pocket one is very good. It’s for homework mainly as there are plenty of dictionaries in school.)

Religion: Grow in Love 5th class (On loan from the school)

History: Small World History, 6th class (On loan from the school)     

Geography and Science: (1) Small World Geography and Science 5th class  (on loan from the school)                                 

(2) Where On Earth? Activity Book 6th class (Folens)          €8.90                        

Homework Diary: Fallons (Buy from school)                       €1.00

Copies etc:

  • 1 hardback A4 sized copy. (from last year)
  • Have 11 writing copies (88 pages) (2 X Gaeilge; 2 X English; 1 X SESE;
  •  1 X Spellings/Tables; 1 X Music/ Religion/ SPHE; 4 Spare copies).
  • Have 2 Maths copies to begin with (1. Busy at Maths; 2. Maths Mate) and lots more replacements for during the year! Have a Maths notes copy also.
  • Have at all times; a pencil, pencil parer, eraser, ruler, red pen, a blue handwriting pen. Have a protractor and a compass when needed for Maths.
  • A set of colouring pencils is good to have.

Note: For the 2020-2021 school year, there will be a charge of €25 per pupil. This includes €9 per pupil for pupil personal accident insurance and €16 for art materials and extra books. Please pay it in September.

Please pay €7 also for the Maths Table book (€3), Handwriting book (€3) and Homework Diary (€1).